I Will Not Be Shaken or Rattled By life’s Everyday Cares

Happy Jesus Day:
When there is trouble on every side 2 Corinthians 4: 8-18. We must learn how to be still when there’s too much noise or too much movement be still! When you look at believers going through suffering and pain and still have joy it’s because they are still not being shaken or rattled by their circumstances. They put their cares in god’s hands. Instead of listening to the noise of worries, listen to the voice of the Lord. Our joy should not come from our circumstances because circumstances change. The Lord remains the same. Allow your joy to come from Christ be still stop paying attention to the storm that’s raging He has already proved that He can calm any storm. God sometimes allows storms so you can trust Him God is in control. Be still and relax in the Lord remember He is in control. God promises to help us and never leave us alone. Talk to Him, trust Him, be still and you will hear His peaceful and calming voice and rest upon His strength. Don’t let your worries “shake and rattle you” it can choke the word making it unfruitful Mark 4: 19.
CIRCA 1998

4 thoughts on “I Will Not Be Shaken or Rattled By life’s Everyday Cares

  1. Thank you Lord for proving to me daily that you are MY SOURCE and not MY RESOURCE ( Thank you Mrs.Green for always reminding me of this when needed.)😇❤

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