Inspirational Nugget “Open Hands Open Heart”

Happy Jesus Day:
Have you ever wondered why your blessings are always coming up short? When your hands are closed nothing can come in and nothing can go out it’s the same with your heart when your heart is closed Jesus cannot come in to do the work that He needs to do if your heart if it’s closed. Think about what closed hands look {fist} like and then think about what open hands represent, they are inviting you into their presence. Don’t let closed hands stunt your growth and delay your purpose in serving God. Do your hands reflect an open heart? Ezekiel 36:26; speak of a new heart. The Lord weighs the heart in Proverb 21: 2. I believe that open hands are giving hands and an open heart moves you to worship our God. Remember God looks at the heart of man 1 Samuel 16:17. And the man looks at your hands.
CIRCA 1999

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget “Open Hands Open Heart”

  1. Powerful message! A closed hand can’t receive anything, nor can it give anything. A closed heart doesn’t have the mind to receive nor give. So keep your hands open, give with a pure heart, and look at how GOD will reward you for your thoughtfulness, kindness, and love.

  2. Amen! Thank you Lord for this great message. I feel more inspired to have a open hand and not a closed fist. You know my ❤ and I love you.

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