Inspirational Nugget “Just a Thought”

Happy Jesus Day:
Your Journey will take you to places in God’s spiritual walk that will amaze you. Your walk will take you into the wilderness as you seek God and find your purpose in life. You will have valleys that will bring you down, mountains to climb to get you where you need to be, where you will soar high above your circumstances, rivers to cross to get to the other side of troubles, and jungles where fear and darkness will is all around you. The only light you will see is the light of Christ that overshadows and disperses all darkness your salvation is your connection to light. Being spiritual dress is the only thing that will help you on your journey. Have A Bless Day
CIRCA 7/31/2022

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget “Just a Thought”

  1. Most powerful…
    I believe my Journey with GOD will continue to take me to places in GOD’S spiritual walk that will be most amazing to me. I know that GOD has my purpose for living in mind each day I wake up to a new day. A day that I have never seen before. A another chance to thank my FATHER for everything HE has done, doing right now, and what HE will do. Amen

  2. Trusting in God is key! I am so happy that salvation is available to all who seek it! Sometimes the road looks long and dark but God will be a shining light to your path. I am always searching for God’s guiding light.

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