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Power indicative might, strength, and force which are used in the Old Testament to render many Hebrew terms, the translation in numerous instances being varied in the revised version. The principal words for “power” in the New Testament are “dunamis” and “exousia” it was frequently changed to “Authority: Mark 3; 15, Ephesians 1:21. We are studying Virtue or Power to see what the word says. First Virtue is always positive whereas power can be used as a positive or negative. In the English translation power often depends upon how Christians view “power” the Bible uses a variety of Hebrew and Greek terms that represent the semantic domain of power although they may be translated in different ways the King James Version uses “power” for a large number of Hebrew and Greek terms. “Power” in the KJV is almost always translated as “Authority” in the modern version. Virtue is always positive. Virtue is His moral excellence, righteousness, or uprightness. The biblical description of power relates primarily to God and people. Power is an inherent characteristic of God {Romans 1: 20}. It is the result of His nature. God’s kind of power is seen in His creation { Psalm 19, 150: 1, Jeremiah 10: 12. His inexplicable power is the only explanation for the virgin birth of Jesus {Luke 1:35, Jesus as God-Man demonstrated both the intrinsic and derived aspects of power. He proclaimed his power and authority as derived from the Father {John 5: 25}.
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