Virtue or Power

Happy Jesus Day:
Should it be “Virtue” or “Power’ in Mark 5:30, Luke 6: 19, and Luke 8: 46? And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him. He turned and said ‘Who touched me”. Luke 6: 17-19 for there went virtue out of Him. The modern English version {including the NJV} simply “Power”. The Greek word “dynamis” is different, which means strength, power, and ability. It was rendered “power” removing the word Virtue from the English Bible text waters it down and robs us of “Valuable Spiritual Insight”.
Dynamis translated in Greek means Strength, Power, Ability miraculous power a miracle itself. Abundance means mighty, wonderful works. Strong- inherent power. the power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature. The woman with the issue of blood had spiritual healing that accompanied the woman’s physical healing. Scriptures to read are Mark 5: 25-30, Luke 8: 43-46, Matthew 9: 20-22
CIRCA 5/2000

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  1. WOW!!! Monday night’s Lesson Titled “Virtue vs Power” was a great lesson from reading the notes and scriptures that you provided for everyone.I am sorry that I was unable to attend. After researching the two words with little understanding of the difference between the two words. The way God gave you insight on how to explain and break the nformation down in lamens terms is simply AMAZING. However ;I am going to need a little more clarity between the two words.🙂

  2. The difference between virtue and power was clearly explained during Bible Study and the written explanation made it relate more to the word of GOD.
    I often tell Sister Green that I thought I knew how to pray, but it was through Sister Green’s guidance that I learned how to pray for answered prayers. To GOD Be the Glory!

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