Introduction of Doubt

Happy Jesus Day:
Source of Doubt: One of the most potent sources of doubt is introduced in the early chapter of Genesis. It was Satan himself who cause Eve to doubt God by questing his word “Has God indeed said” you shall not eat of every tree in the garden Genesis 3: 1. Satan even tried to get the long-suffering Job to curse God Job 1:11. Satan is said to be seeking to devour Believers 1 Peter 5: 8. You cannot take the statement literally, it means that Satan wants to devour the Believer’s commitment to and the testimonies before others. One way he does this is by introducing doubt into the MIND. The root of doubt is the lack of understanding of how God accomplishes and applies those promises because of HIS union with CHRIST. Satan is still on his job today are you own your job. Read Mark 11: 23-25.
CIRCA 12/92

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