Who rules this Realm

Happy Jesus Day:
{Matthew 4: 8-9} Matthew tells us that Satan has power over all the nations of the earth. It sounds scary when we realize he can influence men in ways they are unaware of. They are being influenced by evil thoughts. His power is extreme we see this happening every day. Jesus called him the ruler of this world John 4:30. He affects our attitudes through thought in our reasoning process. He wants us to seek satisfaction in ourselves. He causes disinformation and stirs up our spirit. He is the prince of darkness, he uses our past to torment us this is one of his vices, when you continually focus on your past you cannot have a free future. He knows your past but, he doesn’t know your present or future only God knows.
CIRCA 6/2003

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  1. Rewinding the past can be extremely crippling…been there done that…repeating the Serenity Prayer when old stuff flashes back in my mind has helped me tremendously. Thank You Lord!

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