How to hear the voice of God

Happy Jesus Day:
We all desire to hear the voice of God and to know when He is speaking to us. In the book of Samuel, he shares how He heard the Lord speaking to him. You must stay humble James 4:6-10 1 Peter 5: -10. Find a place in. your home where you can be quiet with no interruption 1 Samuel 3: 2-4 Psalms 131, Get into the presence of God 1 Samuel 3: 3-4 1 Thessalonians 5: 23-28. Make sure you have wis counsel talk with someone that has a relationship with the Lord Proverbs 19:-20-21. Start asking God to “Speak Lord” and make it a habit 1 Samuel 3: 9-10 John 16:13. Have a listening attitude, 1 Samuel 3:11 Mark 4: 24. Make sure you are ready to act on what God tells you to do.
CIRCA 8/1999

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