Is Your Plate Full Or Is It Empty

Happy Jesus Day:
What’s on your plate is it full of the cares of the world or is filled with the promises of God. When you awake in the morning do you start complaining about the things you don’t have Philippians 2: 14 or are you thankful for the things you do have. When we start our day with murmuring and complaining you open the doors of defeat or do you wake up by praising God for another day. Sometimes we need to look at it this way when you get an empty you put food on that plate that satisfies the body. Turn that around and get that same plate put scriptures that going to satisfy the Spirit man you can start with the Lord’s Prayer. There are many scriptures in Psalms of lament, meant to teach us how to complain to God in a way that still glorifies, praise, and trust in Him Psalms 6, 10, 38, 42, 43, and 130 remember David plate was full he understood the word of God is the “Spiritual bread” that we Must daily eat or we will die of spiritual malnutrition.
CIRCA 8/1988

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