‘Praising God Just For Today’

Happy Jesus Day:
As I was going through some of my notes, that was written in 1993 in my tablet about my Faith journey. I came across ‘Facts to Faith’ don’t get caught up in double vision as you walk into your healing. When I am looking at my state of sickness I must move from sickness which is a fact; to faith that’s unseen which is my healing, you can see the sickness in your body because it responds to the pain, fever, cough, and ache. None of this is seen in faith. Sometimes double vision will keep your eyes on the facts because faith is unseen.
CIRCA 4/1993

2 thoughts on “‘Praising God Just For Today’

  1. Wheeweeeeee! My God!! This is an AWESOME POST” The Lord hears and He will Answer”. Thank you Lord for your AWESOMENESS!! YOUR AMAZING❤

  2. Wow! Staying focused in faith…the only way to continue forward! Thank you for your transparency! Blessings to you as you heal!

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