Go Through

Happy Jesus Day:
Sometimes when we experience affliction which brings trouble in our lives, with challenging circumstances causing your life to become difficult. Troubles are a fact of life as long as we live; troubles have a way of finding us. Sometimes we endure them and other times we cry out and ask God to take them away. Instead of asking God to move or take away your troubles ask Him to take you through whatever you are going through. This could be a test of faith in your growth that moves you into your purpose. If it’s a test you will see it again. You see God will move it to another time frame in your life may be two months or two years I promise you it will not go away. People might say I just went through that same situation a while back NO it’s the same thing that you ask God to move and that’s exactly what He did He moved it to another time frame in your life the test is still there for you to go through. We don’t go through the same trials over and over we didn’t complete it the first time. To get through your affliction remain faithful stay focused on completing your test, and try not to focus on the circumstances because it is temporary. Know God is faithful and your victory outweighs your troubles.
CIRCA 1996

3 thoughts on “Go Through

  1. Wheeeeeweeeee ! My GOD🙏🏻! This post is definately a Right Now word for the trials and tribulations that I am currently going through! Thank you Lord for reminding me to stay focused and not let my circumatances overwhelm me with the progress that I’m making. Which reminds me of the saying “God will not give you any more than you can bare”. Lord thank you for loving me unconditionally. Please don’t move my trials and test out of my way..help me to be strong and courageous as I continue my walk with you in this AMAZING next chapter in my life🙏🏻

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