Let God Order your Steps

Happy Jesus Day:
God will order your steps to keep you from failing. God orders our steps to fulfill the plans He has for us. He will show you the right choices, He has for you. He will reveal the right steps to keep you going in the right way. In Psalm 40: 2 the psalmist says; God placed his feet on a rock and makes his footsteps firm; God will do the same for us. He helps us not to fail because, He will keeps our feet from getting off the right path before us when we ask Him to order our steps daily. Thank the Lord for ordering your steps, here are some helpful scripture Psalm 119: 133, Psalm 86: 6-10, Psalm 37: 23. Remember the mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.
CIRCA 2003

3 thoughts on “Let God Order your Steps

  1. WOW!! Thank You Lord for this Post titled “Let God order your Steps”. This is an encouraging reminder to allow God to order my steps daily. It is so wonderful not to try and figure out the What, who ,and When of any situation. Allowing God to lead and order my steps allows me the freedom to sit back and watch God perform what he said he would. I am learning daily to lean on him more and more. Whenever, I find myself getting anxious or impatient ,or even a little flustered to
    stop and breathe . Then I am able to talk to God and give the situation back to him, and just watch his wonderous works.Thank you Lord for saving a wretch like me. You created me and made me when i was in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making sure that your work will be done in my life. God you are good and your mercy endureth forever.❤

  2. Being humbled by my afflictions is truly the most eye opening, heart fixing learning experiences. Each day more and more understanding, “wow Lord” moments, and constant repentance…I thank God for His Grace, Mercy, and patience. To God be the Glory!

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