“Your Faith Your Body”

Happy Jesus Day:
Our Faith creates our future. Your future is as bright as your Faith. Your words can create beautiful things or destroy beautiful things. Just like your body need to be exercise so does your faith. Your faith need to be exercise by your actions, you need food to feed your body, you feed your faith through the word, speak to your faith in order to see it grow, free your faith from speaking negativity, believing in the things that are not seen, share your faith with testimonies, share how God has manufactured your evidence in His word.Your faith requires certain things to prosper and so does your body.
CIRCA 1999

One thought on ““Your Faith Your Body”

  1. Sister Green….
    “Your Faith Your Body” is a powerful message! Your life does depend on how much faith you have in yourself. Thanks for the reminder that your spoken words speak volume in your thinking. We must always keep faith so our lives will have a positive outcome.
    Thanks for the message on faith!

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