One thought on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. WOW!! This Inspirational Nugget post is definately a right now word for me. As I grow in the Lord and try to seek his will ,leadership and guidance daily ,often times I find myself slipping back into some old behavior patterns such as ( making my own daily “Agenda” ). During these times I find myself getting anxious and stressed out. Whenever these feelings begin to resurface themselves in my life I can quickly react. I immediately begin to take a step back from the situation and begin to use Calming techniques that require you to inhale for 10 seconds and exhale for 20 seconds. This technique allows me to calm both my mind and body.

    Now, I am able to reacess the situation with calmness and and a sense of clarity. At that moment I began to realize that God is not the Author of confusion!! Being in a state of confusion is one of the devil tactics that he uses to get me side tracked from the task at hand. NOW…I am able to listen and hear what God is speaking to me. Therfore, I am able to move forward in allowing him to order my footsteps in the diection he would have me to go.
    Thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy that surpasses all understanding.understanding 🙏🏻

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