Happy Jesus Day:
“Glory” is one of the most Delightful and Amazing words in the Bible. Glory is a hard word to define; when I say “Glory” I am filled with warmth from inside my heart. When you read about Glory in the Bible the word has so many difference facets its like a diamond no matter when it’s spoken it radiates light in the world. Glory is express in so many ways in the Bible Glory is one of the most praise word in the scriptures. Glory is used to describe the presence and manifestation of God. There is a lot of words that you could say “Glory means” I’m can’t describe all of ways Glory is used in the Bible but, to me it means to exult with joy: to rejoice, worshipful thanksgiving, adoring praise, rejoice proudly, and the root of Glory is of uncertain origin.
Why do we need God’s glory? The Glory can revealed instructions, direction so we know how to accomplish our plans. Moses spent time with God before he wrote the Ten Commandant it says the glory of the Lord settled on the mountain Exodus 33:12-23.
CIRCA 1995

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