God Goodness

Happy Jesus Day:
What does God goodness look like? Sometimes we just need to look around in our environment and see the goodness of God. If you look in Genesis 1: 31 God saw everything and it was very good. You can see goodness in people Romans 8: 28. When you pray and God answers your prayer we talk about God goodness Psalm 34: 8. When the truth is revealed in God word 1Timothy 4: 4-5. His blessings brings goodness Psalm 31: 19. Recognizing God goodness in His provision Jeremiah 29: 11. How good it is to wake up in the morning James 1: 17. When we are forgiven our of sin that’s truly God goodness 1 John 1:9. His kindness and mercy Psalm 145: 9. Sending His only son to die on the cross that we may be redeemed back unto Him shows God goodness John 3: 16.
CIRCA 1999

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