From Affliction to Purpose part 3

Happy Jesus Day:
While sharing my journey here is the definition of affliction according KJV a state of pain, distress, or grief. Some virtues are only in affliction. The cause of continued pain of the body or mind, sickness, loses, calamity. adversity and persecution. Paul’s thorn in the flesh was described as a constant irritation and annoyance other say its persecution he experienced as a result of his ministry 2 Corinthians 12:7-11. God regulated the measure of Affliction in Psalms 80:5, Isaiah 9: 1, Jeremiah 46:28. As, you embark on your journey know that sometime; you will suffer because of your association with people that believe God word is alive. We have to stop standing on the word, we need the word in our hearts so the Holy Spirit can teach us how to walk in the word and not stand on the word. If we stand and not walk we will never find what our Purpose is Hebrews 11:25.
CIRCA 1999

3 thoughts on “From Affliction to Purpose part 3

  1. Living is definitely a journey. So through this journey, we must walk with GOD regardless of the situation. I agree that we must keep GOD’S words in our heart so the Holy Spirit can teach us how to walk in GOD’S words.
    The scriptures are very helpful for reference.

  2. God because of His sovereignty orchestrates His plans for our lives. Our job is to listen, acknowledge and follow Him (His Word). Jeremiah 29:11 in the Message Bible says it best … I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out!!!
    Stick a pin in!!!!😋

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