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From Affliction to Purpose part 2

Happy Jesus Day:
While I was going through my affliction in 2017 several things happen to me but, God is patience so why can’t we be patience and wait on God. There is a saying; that if you don’t move and do what God has called you to do He will use someone else. I now question that saying because, if God has called you the word says, He will not forsake you or leave you alone. God is true to His word He never left me even when I was Disobedient. When I was stricken and near death, on Oxygen for nine years and seven days He was right there. When my eyes open and I realized He needed two things from me to keep my Promise and be Obedient once that happen I was healed of COPD and Sleep Apnea on October 5, 2017. I had to stop running after a Resources (pay check) and realize HE is my Source. That meant starting a Blog, Teaching a Bible study and eventually doing a Podcast. I don’t have an agenda anymore, I wake up every morning and ask God what’s on His agenda for me today. So allow God to move you into your purpose and don’t get discouraged He is a patience God.
CIRCA 2022

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