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From Affliction to Purpose

Happy Jesus Day:
Today I have a greater understanding about how God uses our affliction to move us into our calling. God called me into the ministry in 1988. I was obedient and allow God to use me in my calling. There was a break in me not God; I only gave Him seventy-five percent of myself I stop asking God for His direction and followed my own. In 2009 I was Afflicted with H1N1 which was a new virus many people were dying, doctors had limited information on how to treat this diseases. God spared my life He spoke to me again about the ministry I heard Him but, I wanted to help God out with some personal things that was going on in my life. The next affliction was Congestive Heart Failure in 2014. My doctors would not sign for me to return to work so I had to retire.You would think that was enough but, I started tutoring in 2015 still telling myself that I was helping God. I continued telling myself that by working I was helping God as I helped myself; how foolish that sound to me now realizing I was really killing myself. The third and finally, time was Congestive Heart Failure with bacteria growing on my lungs. In 2017 I gave it all up and made a commitment to go forth in my calling letting go and letting God I was healed. I didn’t need Oxygen or to ware a Bi-Pap for Sleep Apnea anymore, my Oxygen saturation level went up to 95 plus. I realize how my affliction pushed me to get busy with the ministry. Today I write my Blog daily sharing my past journey up to today. I have so much to share about my Affliction and how it pushed me into my Purpose. My blog is about my journey,

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