Waiting on the Lord

While we are waiting on the Lord we must put our faith to work, waiting does not mean you do nothing, we are to read the word, pray and do the work we are suppose to do. That does not mean trials and temptation won’t be there they will. Through waiting we gain more patience, trust and we call on Jesus more, become stronger, lose pride, we are talked about, become weary but, we should holdfast and always believe that God will come through. We learn to go through rather go around Philippians 4: 6 Luke 12: 40.

CIRCA 1996

4 thoughts on “Waiting on the Lord

  1. In my walk today, I was thinking along the same line as the today’s blog. If our parents promise us something, or someone that we know that we can completely trust makes a promise to us, we will believe them. No doubts or questions and we can totally depend on them. We should have TOTAL faith in God, after all He is our Creator…why do we not rest in His word? Why do we not wait on the Lord? He promised and He is not man that He would lie…Lord help us to truly place our faith in You and stand and wait on your decisions for our life.

  2. Sister Nettie…

    A powerful message…Waiting On the Lord
    We must do our part to show GOD that we are willing to do what we need to do. We must read, pray, and work to show GOD that we are thankful for everything he has done, doing now, and will do. Through it all, we TRUST GOD! We go through the tunnel and see the light at the end and believe that all is well.

  3. WHEEEEEEWEEEEEEE! MY GOD! This message today “Waiting on the Lord” is a great reminder not to be lazy or idol in our walk with you . Thank you Lord for your subtle reminders that keeps us on track with you and the way you want us to live our lives.If you didn’t love us unconditionally you wouldn’t chasten your children in this journey called life.

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