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Have you ever tried to make a Deal with the Lord? Just a thought.
Well, let me share my experience in 2017 I wanted to go back and tutor. The Lord had spoken to me several time to go forth and do the ministry that He had called me to do. I figured a way to solve this problem I told the Lord that I would give Him four days and I would tutor three days. You see I worked it out I waited thinking the Lord would be pleased. He would be ok with that I had given Him more time. I heard the Lord say how are you going to give me four days when I gave you Seven. That broke me I had to repent and ask for forgiveness because He created the world. You see this was His creation. So next time you try to make a Deal with the Lord remember He created the world and the fullness there of Genesis 1:1 -31 Genesis 2: 1-3. You can’t make a Deal with God but, you can make a promise.
Remember you make a Deal With the Devil.
CIRCA 2017

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  1. This word made my Sister and I repent. In order to make a bargain you must have something the other person needs or wants. God owns everything and needs nothing. We must stop promising to give God what you don’t own!!!

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