Your Time

There will come a time when you go before God and ask Him to deliver you. It’s between you and Him and He’ll do it for you.You need the word of God, you need to see yourself in truth, because you see yourself one way, people see you another way God see us only one way. We are our worse critics the enemy will work on you in condemnation. Ask the lord to show you people the way He sees them. Then there will come a day when you walk into the presence of the Lord and He will say enter in my good an faithful servant because He’s taken you along the way and many times you have fallen but, He’ll say come on I love you. He will pick you up and show where you need help. The degree of deliverance is to the degree of truth that’s been received Joshua 1: 9, Psalm 145: 18-19, Philippians 2: 13, Isaiah 41: 10.
CIRCA 1996

3 thoughts on “Your Time

  1. Examining myself and constantly revisiting the past hinders my faith walk…and I am my own worst critic…Lord thank you for your patience.

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