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  1. Inspirational Nugget: If there was anything that I could do for God to show how thankful I am to him.Hmmmmmm.. I would try to live a life that would include spending more quality time with him by reading the word, meditating more often so I could receive answers to some of the questions that I have. I want clarification, confirmation, and reassurance to know how to move forward in all aspects of my life. Often times, it’s not God that is’nt on his job providing us answers to our questions and showing us his way of doing things. It is we ourselves that are holding up the progression of how we need to move forward in our walk with him. This would be a great way to show him how thankful I am to him..

  2. I’m thankful for God’s patience with me. He is keeping me as I journey through this life, finally coming to some major realizations. Seeking the purpose for which he has assigned me. Learning that my afflictions are assisting me in learning God’s statutes…my Spiritual eyes have been opened even the more as I study…I pray for continued understanding as I seek wisdom from God and humbly work to share it with others.

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