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The Heart

The heart has been broken, hurt, and evil but, thank God for Jesus. He’s the only one that can do all good things for the heart. I would like to express ways man treats the heart and what Jesus does for it.

It can be broken-Jesus can fix it.
It can be stonyJesus can soften it.
It can be full of hateJesus can fill it with love.
It can be wavyJesus can make it steadfast.
It can be sadJesus can make it rejoice.
It can be shut upJesus can make it overflow.
It can be evilJesus can make it good.
It can be failing Jesus can make it strong.
It can be troubleJesus can fill it with peace
It can be dirtyJesus can clean it up.
It can be searchingJesus will cause it to find.
It can be heavy Jesus can make it light
It can be lostJesus will put instructions in it.

Only Jesus can do all these things for the heart so why not give your heart to Him today. He’s the only one that can take care of it like this plus saving it from internal death.

CIRCA 1999

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