‘Getting ready for God promotion’

Getting ready to begin your tests, we will begin with time test, word test, motivating test, character test, servant test, wilderness test, misunderstandings test, frustration test, discouragement test, warfare test, self-will test, vision test, usage test, promotion test.
We must grow in God grace. We are gifts to God. We were His children before we became ministers. There is a price in knowing God. We must discipline eyes and ears. Our happiness is important to God we can not substitute God gifts because gifts are of normal occurrences. The fruits of the spirit are signs of maturity. The self-will test is getting self out of the way, the vision test is walking in faith and the promotion test is getting ready to go forth in the ministry.

CIRCA 9/8/1990

2 thoughts on “‘Getting ready for God promotion’

  1. Wheeeeeweeee… My God! I thought i was alteady going through several test at this particular time.🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ ok God.. it’s not my will but your will..Grow me in your grace so that I may be used to go forth in your ministry.

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