Heedfulness giving proper attention to something important.

  1. Through God Commandments- Joshua 22: 5.
  2. Through Our ways- Psalms 39: 1.
  3. Through- False teachers Matthew 16: 6.
  4. Through- God Words 2 Peter 1: 19.

Heedfulness- attention, caution, vigilance, circumspection, care to guard against danger, or to perform duty. Exodus 23: 13, Proverbs 4: 25-27, Ecclesiastes 5: 1, Mark 4: 24, Luke 8: 18, Ephesians 5: 15, James 1: 19, Colossians 4: 5, Hebrews 12: 15-16, Hebrews 3:12.

CIRCA 1997

2 thoughts on “Heedfulness

  1. Walking circumspect…being open to the Spirit…As I go through my wilderness journey, during my daily walk, I recited the Serenity prayer. During the prayer, “God grant the me the Serenity to accept the things that I cannot change,” (I was wondering what they could be…the Holy Spirit reminded me that I could not change the past…a major issue for me)…”Give me the courage to change the things I can”, (I must step out in faith to do what needs to be done;} “And the wisdom to know the difference”. Consult God and Trust God!

    As I continued to walk, God dealt with me about trying to walk keeping my Spirit life and my natural life separate. I now know to stop the foolishness! I can’t do that and be ok. I have to integrate my Spirit life and natural life with the Spirit taking the lead. The Holy Spirit will direct me and help me to live a better natural life. Thank you, Lord, for your patience as I walk this out!

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