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God’s menu vs Man’s menu

Checking out God’s menu and placing an order in faith, then waiting for faith to become evidence. It’s easy to order from a menu that man place in front of you, because you can smell the aroma coming from the kitchen there’s evidence that food is being prepared there. Take the word of God as evidence that we have seen from testimonies. People that believe and have faith in God know miracles happens, as a believer you have seen God move in your life we all have a testimony. It’s easy to order from man’s menu it requires no faith just cash. We must have faith to receive from God. Faith has always produced evidence. On man’s menu there are appetizers, drinks, combos, side dishes, the main course and dessert, all at a cost. God’s menu is the Bible everything from salvation to everlasting life, healing, deliverance, fruits of the spirit, John 4:14 whoever drinks of the water that I give will never thirst again something man cannot promise you no cash required and no tips. Accept Christ and all these thing are free. We all have a choice; God has given us free will.

CIRCA 1994

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