Comparing and Comparison

Sometimes life is not hard or difficult it’s the way we look at it. When you start a relationship the Bible should be the Manual you follow. For every problem it has a solution; a relationship will only be successful if the word of God is digesting and used in your life. Let’s look at new car this Manual is given to you to show you how to take care of your vehicle. In order to get the best performance you have follow the Manual. God has given us the Bible in order for us to have a solid relationship and the best life; certain things have to happen to make your relationship work for both that’s involved. As I said before God is not going to do the maintenance His word is specific. You may take your car in for maintenance check-up , washed , waxed , tires rotated and vacuumed hoping by doing all these things your car will last. Think about the things required for yourself in order to have a long life accepting Christ first, faith walk, adding the fruits of the spirit, worshiping, being led by the spirit then the outside will be as good the inside. Both requires maintenance. A car by man and man by God.

CIRCA 2009

2 thoughts on “Comparing and Comparison

  1. The Word is there for us…lesson, after lesson, after lesson…why is it so hard for us to follow instructions…Thank you Lord for your patience, Your grace, and Your mercy!

  2. Whooooooweeee! FANTASTIC POST! Placing Christ first, adding the fruits of the Spirit, worshiping , being led by the spirit,”THEN THE OUTSIDE WILL BE GOOD AS THE INSIDE”. That part right there…..Profound!

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