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  1. Great Post! I am so thankful that the majority of the daily posts are a “Right Now Word” for any trials / tribulations that I may have currently/ already encountered in my life.This gives hope for the present, and future. I have been so blessed by the fact that God is truly showing me that when I totally surrender my all to him. I can expect him to meet and or Exceed my expectations , because he is my source, burdern bearer, protector, and fights all of battles. When I choose to have FAITH in him and use the power and authority that he has provided me with. It is a JOY to allow him to show me through a spirit of discernment or through my Spiritual Mentor (Mrs. Green) .

    Mrs.Green is TRULY a WOMAN OF GOD who’s desire is to PLEASE GOD BY BEING HIS INSTRUMENT TO BE USED AT ANY GIVEN TIME. She is soooooo humble ,approachable,and down to earth. She will never relay a message to you unless God gives her a word for you.
    She prays to him and when and if he answers the requests .

    She will ONLY give you what God has given her for you. When a Prayer request is placed before her..you will always here her say “I will pray and ask the Lord for an answer “. This is a characteristic that I really admire about her. that always inspires me about her. She always make the comment..that it is HIS WILL not OURS!!

    I KNOW that God is continuing to RESTORE me from one of the lowest places in my life. The devil had been attacking me at every hand (personal life, marriage, job and many FAKE friendships) .

    If you were to look at me in my current situation…from the outside looking in ..you would see all of my the cars (3 Mercedes Benz, lucrative salary close to$60,000.00 dollars yearly, and a beautiful home :4 BDR/3BA/3 Car Garage that sits on 1 acre of land out in the country…OH..and might I add..my husband has 2Trucks, a Motorcycle, and makes over $90,000.00.

    I had been existing in life and not living for the past 20 or so years. All of the material wealth has not brought me very much happiness to the extent that I hoped it would.

    Now that I have acquired material wealth, lucrative salary at the height of my career, and been a dealt with infidelity for majority of my marriage. When you hear the statement “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover!!

    That is such a true statement from the outside looking in. You would think “I/We have it all” and living our best life!! If that were true..I would not have been so unhappy for over 20 years…just existing and not living for God. I was unhappy in personal life to the point where i allowed someone else’s happiness to come before GOD and my own.

    The last 15 or more years of my career have been so “STRESSFUL” with the expectations of the job. I did not have a Balanced Lifestyle .
    I allowed my job to merge into my personal life not knowing how to make time for GOD and my marriage . This is when everything became unbalanced in my life. This ultimately resulted in me having a Nervous Breakdown!!!

    At this particular stage in my life.. GOD is showing me how much he loves and cares for me . I was in a Backsliden State during that time. However ;we know God loves the Backslider. I repented and asked him for forgiveness for not allowing him to be FIRST in my LIFE.

    I know in my ❤ that he is currently TRANSFORMING me into the woman that he has called me to be. I have put him back FIRST in my life and will never ever allow anyone or anything to come before my relationship with the LORD!!!

    God is a jealous God and he will remove anyone or anything that is set as an IDOL before him. His work must DONE throughout our Spiritual Journey until he calls us home to be with him.🙏🏻

  2. We have so many challenges in our natural life…using our free will can take us into situations that we think that we want, but in the end we wind up unhappy with our bright ideas. The other side of that is when the enemy uses our unhappiness to try to destroy us…But God. While my circumstances are different, I was also just existing and thought that I was living for God…It’s painful when God shakes you up and says “Pay attention, it’s time to get it right”. Now we know, so stay focused and stay strong…It’s a tough walk, but it’s worth it to do it God’s way.

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