Punch one little hole in the wall of your problem.

How do you step over the line from hoping and trying, to believing and actually perceiving? We need to dwell on the word, read the word, think about the word and meditating on the word Colossians 3:16, 1Chronicles 14: 2-11. Some of us need a second wind in God. We need to stop planning on having good health, taking authority over the devil, and stop hoping for something to happen. You have to exercise the word when you are up against a wall, don’t start begging God to break through. That’s not how He works. He’s given you the plan, he’s given you the power and has guaranteed you the victory. Your hands, not His hands, are the instruments that’s used to get the job done.

Perceive is to understand to become aware of and take control of. We must:

Overcome the world— John 16:33.— Overcome the wicked 1 John 2: 13.

The word of faith leaps through everything you speak, the more you speak faith Into existence the larger that hole becomes in the wall.

CIRCA 12/92

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