The Under Nourish Soul

So often, we try to prosper in life because God said we are children of the king. So we figure if our Father owns everything there is no reason we should have lacks or be poor Psalm 24:1. Let me share with you what the Lord told me. His word says we should prosper as our soul prosper John 3 1:2. If your soul is starving for the word of God your soul is not prospering. To live a prosperous life first we must seek the kingdom of God: then All these things shall be added unto you Luke 12: 31. Another scripture says so as a man thinketh so shall he be; if you think you are poor there’s no way you can have the riches of God with a under nourish soul. We must set our minds on things from above Colossians 3 : 2.

CIRCA 5/11/92

5 thoughts on “The Under Nourish Soul

  1. Scripture! We should study GOD’s words and know that we must be hungry to know what says the LORD! If we are fed GOD’s words, then our soul shall not starve or be poor. Amen, so a man think, so shall he be.

    1. Deblyn thanks for wanting to know “how would one know if their soul was malnourish” let look at the human body if you don’t eat
      foods that will help your body develop you will become malnourished. You open the door for satan to bring sickness and diseases upon you eventually, you will be destroyed. When we except Christ we become a new creation; so we are like new born 2 Peter 2:2 we should crave. the word of God so our soul will be fed. Here are some scripture Mark 12:28, Matthew 11:28, Colossians 3:12-14, Matthew 5:6. I hope to share more on this topic later. We must feed our natural flesh, as we feed our spiritual soul studying the word then it will not become malnourished.

    2. Thank You Mrs. Green for answering my question. Your explanation was an easy way to comprehend your post in laymens terms. Thank You for your daily obedience with the blog.The post are always in alignment with the trials and tribulations that we encounter as Christians throughout our Spiritual walk with God. May God Richly Bless you and grant you the desires of your ❤

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