Inspirational Nugget


Speaking the Word” is important but putting the word in action will bring it alive When we speak the word with our mouth we are cashing checks. You can write checks all day long nothing will happen until you go to the bank to cash them. When you don’t have faith when you speak the word it’s like having a checking account with insufficient funds. Roman 10:10-12.

CIRCA 1991

4 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. Wheeeeweeeeee!! Lord you are sooooo…good and in my head and thoughts.This post really encouraged my soul and is a reminder for me speak/have FAITH and the funds will surely Manifest. I must admit that I have been concerned with my finances today. I can’t go by what I see in the natural realm. This is a Right Now Word for such a time as this!

    1. If we would be honest with ourself; we all have at some time in our life had insufficient faith. We believed the word but we didn’t apply the word to our situation “faith without works is dead”.

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