Watered Down Gospel

The Bible makes it absolutely clear that God is not satisfied with mere external compliance with His commandment but, expect willing and joyful obedience coming from the HEAD. Some churches have watered down the word of God: they don’t want the word to cut. When I started seeking a place of worship I began to study (Luke !9:41-46) I began to realize that holiness is an important part of living a christian life (1 Peter 1:13-16 in) Jesus was holy (Hebrews 12:14). I should not be afraid to speak the truth it shows your love. Shepards should hold members feet to the fire but, they were putting up with the mess. If your house become a house of prayer sin will surface. If we would chase the message of God as hard as we chase people and put aside chasing things: because you end up dry. Jesus came and poured His life into people and never built on church but many was started in His Name.

A christian walk can not be a watered down word we must look beyond all people no matter who they are and see Jesus (Matthews 6:8). Goodness comes from the simple things in life. You can be clean on the outside and rotten on the inside because man can only see the outside but, God sees the heart of man. This is a conversation I had with the Lord

CIRCA 1994

5 thoughts on “Watered Down Gospel

  1. The watered down gospel also leaves an opening for the enemy to try to take advantage of us…Seek God and study His word for yourself…

  2. Wheeeeeweee…Great Post!! The watered down gospel was very enlightening and eye opening. I was not aware that when we don’t speak the truth to others we are not showing them we ❤ them.

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