Inspirational Nugget

“Expect in the beginning” Don’t write down the problem or situation write down the answer. If you are sick or have lacks find out what the word says. Being spiritual and having problems does not please God or yourself. From one realm to the next the answer is the word. Write down your answers LARGE, BOLD AND CLEAR.

CIRCA 1993

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Nugget

  1. Operating in expectation exercises my faith because God’s answers come in His time only. He knows “His” Master Plan when it comes to my life, I have to trust Him in all things. At times things flow and I say “Thank You Lord” with a song in my voice and other times the wait for an answer is NOT, NOT, NOT, easy. In the meantime, the enemy tries to discourage you every step of the way…satan, the Lord rebukes you! Matt 16:23…get thee behind me!

  2. Today’s Post “Inspirational Nugget ” was very encouraging to me TODAY and will be for the FUTURE.. I have never been asked to write down just the answer to a situation/ trial/ and or tribulation. I ❤ it!! This inspires me to focus on the ANSWER instead of the problem. THIS IS GOOD NEWS my Sister’s and brother’s in CHRIST.🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Expect GOD to answer prayers and to be the solution to all problems!

    Now I know to write down the solution, not the problem.

    I Trust GOD!

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