Seeing what’s before you also what’s beyond you.This type of vision has no fixation on the immediate event but looking at the Faith that’s before you. They looked at what they saw and what they did not see. Moses was the Red Sea Exodus 14:21-23, Joshua was the walls of Jericho Joshua 6:1-5 and Jesus’ was Calvary Luke 23:33. Could you imagine Abraham and Sara bing told that she was going to have a child. They believed God; but she was past her child bearing years, Abraham staggered not, what happen with us is that we stagger sometimes. Faith overrides the facts that when you start talking God like; I can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthen me.The Lord is my strength whom shall I fear.

Faith stands in the middle of our difficulties but if faith is in your heart you can stand with your head high and start stepping out.You see, when the facts are stacked against you the double vision will appear like Abraham and Sara. She had a dead womb, she was barren, and age was against her. These are the facts but, the results was Issac.

Romans 4:16-25

Are you seeing with double vision today.

4 thoughts on “DOUBLE VISION

  1. As I reflect back over my life within the last 3 years..I can truly admit that I had Double Vision and often experience it now. When the double vision tries to appear in my life now, I can recognize it and say these words to myself NO! This is not the time to have “Stinking Thinking”. I can’t go by what a situation looks like in the natural. God is all seeing and all knowing. I’m learning daily that if God said it that settles it. He does not need my assistance in any task. This is when I neee to apply my “FAITH” .He already has the problem solved and has worked it out in my favor. He knows what’s best for me.🙏🏻

  2. This word was right on time. Was taking to a friend that’s going through physically. This word will give her the encouragement to keep believing what God said.

  3. I thank God everyday he blessed with a mother to teach us about having faith not matter what the situation looks like u can not let the Devil win keep standing don’t give up

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