I would like to share where my Spiritual journey began. I was baptized at an early age; my grandmother took me to church as a child. When I became an adult I continued to attended church; then becoming a mother of four children. I knew it was important for me to teach them about salvation and know who Christ is so I took them to church. Going to church on Sunday’s was not enough anymore. I kept feeling like I needed to be saved so I began to read the word and seek God for myself then: and only then did my spiritual walk began. I was in my thirties when I finally knew that I needed, a personal relationship with God. Attending church did not make my relationship with God personal. Seeking God for my self made the relationship with God personal.

In seeking God I learned that God is the Word, Jesus lived the word and the Holy Spirit is teaching us the word.

Where and when did you start your journey?

2 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY

  1. This is a challenge for me, because during my entire life, I thought that I had a personal relationship with God. I have come to learn that this was not the case. In all of my efforts, in all of my works, in all of my studies, and all of my prayers, I had no idea that there was a disconnect. That realization was extremely painful for me. Prayerfully, I’m on a path to healing and strengthening my personal relationship with God.

  2. I remember going to church with my Grandfather at a young age. Feeling safe and loved sitting next to him. When friends and I started having all night prayer, my hunger for God increased. I had an encounter one night where I heard my name called three times. Just like Samuel. I never wanted to be known but wanted to help people. I would pass people on benches and feel sad. I just wanted God to use me. Then I met Sister Nettie at a Bible study. She shared with the group that God told her to feed His people. I started going to Monday night Bible study at her home. I had never encountered someone so in tune with the Holy Spirit. What she spoke, God did!!! I can’t begin to tell you the super natural things I learned and the encounters I had with the Spirit. She also prepared me. I’ll never forget not to hang my feet out of the bed!!!😂 To have a chance to sit under her teaching again is a blessing. I thank God!!

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